Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Russian Translation Unearthed

So there I was--cleaning up my iMac hard drive and deleting off various junk that I'd acquired when I stumbled upon something surprising. Although I'd paid for the Russian language translation of Alphabet All-Stars: Be Safe This Halloween, I'd forgotten that I'd done the same for another widely-translated title of mine: I Love You, Teddy. At first I thought it was a mistake. I'm pretty good when it comes to these types of things, or so I thought. But after I opened the file and scanned it over, I confirmed the embarrassing discovery--that I really did have all the necessary text to publish a new work of fiction.

How do these things happen? Well, life happens. And when you stop writing for weeks or months at a time, it's easy for these things to fall through the cracks.

But a complete translation, really? I know, it's bad. What can I say? Dementia runs in the family. (And I won't even comment about the short story that I'd forgotten I'd written and had to read through to the end because I had no idea where it was going.)

So upon discovery, I swore that I wouldn't delay any longer. The title would get done, that very day if possible, but likely the following day. Now it's 99% done, and I'm just waiting for a Russian friend to look it over and give me the go ahead to publish it. It's a simple bilingual book, and if I remember correctly, the translator did a good job the last time around. (Or I'm confusing him with someone else and am in for a nasty surprise when my Russian friend gets back to me with a list of corrections. Hey, these things happen.)

Whatever the case, I'm glad I finally did something with it. Not only was there a small sum of money invested, someone invested their time to get the translation done and open the door to a whole new audience. I hate that I dragged my feet on it, but it's done. Almost. Soon...

Until then, enjoy the cover I put together--which looks exactly like the other variations of the same title, but with funky characters. (And who doesn't like funky characters, right?)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sneak Peek! My Crazy Pet Frog: The Nightmare Pizza Before Christmas

Note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming children's book My Crazy Pet Frog: The Nightmare Pizza Before Christmas.

Chapter 1: Restless

I was snug as a bug, or so the saying goes, and I was most definitely curled up in a rug, for my sheets were still in the wash and I was too lazy to stick them in the dryer. Tomorrow, for sure.

Ah yes, tomorrow—that place where all inconvenient tasks like doing dishes go, especially scrubbing toilets and washing my oversized underwear. Pew!

As I lay there contemplating all of the tasks that I pushed off till the following morning, I began to think over the Christmas list that was still fresh in my mind. I'd sent poor Aunt Edna a ham, hadn't I? Surely I had, but did they delivered it? And was Aunt Edna even alive these days? I tended to get her and her twin sister Emma mixed up. One had a stroke not that long ago. Or was it her husband? Or wait...perhaps it was her cranky, old father who had kicked the bucket one Christmas too early?

“No, Edna never married!” I pushed the rug aside and sat up in bed. “Emma—Emma's the one who...oh, yes! Her father had a stroke. And she had asked me to send a honey-baked ham his way since he was on a meager pension (Did they still have those these days?) and quite lonely, and didn't have anyone to cook for him except his two daughters who visited infrequently, and were afraid that they might be delayed flying in from the west coast, blah, blah, blah.

Though I'd told Emma...wait! Emma's the vegetarian!

Though I'd told Edna that I'd sent the ham to her poor, old father, had I actually done it? I certainly didn't want to inconvenience her with taking a ham aboard her flight. I mean, who wants to bring aboard a ham carry-on, or check hammy at the terminal? Traveling was already difficult enough, but traveling with hammy? They'd be lucky if the staff didn't gobble it down before it arrived on the opposite coast.

If, in fact, it arrived.

Finally, I could take no more, and put on my slippers and lumbered across the room. I opened my ledger—which I preferred to keep by hand since I didn't trust modern computers, and found my way to the holiday gift expenses. “Oh, dear,” I mumbled, still half asleep. I didn't see any notes or special instructions accompanying the appropriate line item. If I'd sent the ham to her father, I would have put an asterisk next to the expense, but no such marking appeared in my trusty ledger.

Likely I'd forgotten, and unfortunately Emma would have a heavy-hammed haul from one airport to the other, from one cozy home to that tiny shamble in the middle of-

“Good grief!” I looked out the window and jumped back.

That crazy, good-for-nothing life-sized frog pressed his face against the window, mouthing the words Merry Christmas.

Instantly I stepped forward and pulled down the shade.

“Aw, come on, dude. Don't be like that. You're not really going to shut me out on Christmas Eve, are you?” he groaned.

Was I?

The smart move would be to play Christmas music until he eventually went away. But with the swirling wind outside, I understood exactly how bone-chilling it could be.

And wasn't he a cold-blooded creature? Surely he wouldn't last until the morning. And then there was the matter of the falling snow. I certainly didn't want a froggy snowman to greet me when I shoveled the driveway Christmas morning.

As I reached for the shade, I wanted to slap my hand away. “Bartholomew Bundt, what's wrong with you? Remember the last time you let him into your house?” I told myself. Between preparations for the zombie apocalypse and the rogue pizza that found its way inside, he nearly destroyed my humble home. I wasn't keen on handing out Christmas spankings, but this one...I could see the pain in his big, red eyes. He was struggling, this one. “Perhaps I could open my house to him for just one night.” I surprised even myself when the words rolled off my tongue. “Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if...” I pulled up the shade.

But there was no one there.

“Oh, don't worry about that. I already let myself in!” came a voice in my ear.

“Ahh!!!” I jumped so high I nearly cracked my skull on the ceiling.

“I hope you don't mind. I just helped Santa deliver presents all over North America, and well...I'm hungry!” He rubbed his big belly.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Did I Do? And What Am I Doing?

So I've reached 227 published works, and now that I've had a chance to sit back and watch the dust clear, I'm wondering, "What did I do?" I have a bunch of shorts, no novels to speak of, and most of what I've published are children's books.

Is there something wrong with this? And should I be made to feel like something is wrong with what I've produced?

Due to changes in Amazon's payout system, the operative advice is to make your books longer. Write more, if you can, especially if it fits the story. In this, I don't really have a problem. I actually have a couple novels that I haven't published yet, and I will eventually change gears and finish them off. Eventually.

But I love short fiction, and based on reader feedback, they seem to like it, too. Should I give up short fiction for a while and put everything I have into novels?

Not so fast…

Picture books need to remain short--around 30 pages--so that young readers can actually finish them. Although extending stories might seem like a great idea, I've received complaints about some books being too long. That's right--a picture book that's too long. Is that even possible? But the readership is speaking, and I do not necessarily disagree with them.

All stories have a desirable length that they fit in, and each is different. Writing longer simply doesn't apply to children's books as it does to other genres.

So what's a children's book author to do? What they always do: produce more books, not stretch existing ones.

Can you imagine if Dr. Seuss tried to extend the Cat in the Hat to make a few more pennies from borrows? It might have a disastrous effect on the final product. Money has a way of muddling things, and that's exactly what I think this is: a muddle.

Some readers like my picture books because they're short and sweet. More complex works, like the 16,000 words I poured into Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch, create an entirely new reading experience. Forcing one to become the other isn't always in the book's best interest. Since the book is a showcase of our efforts, you would think an author would take a more guarded approach.

Such is not the case from what I've seen, and I worry that authors might screw up perfectly good stories to make a few bucks.

While each of us has to do what we need to survive, I'm going to avoid the temptation of extending anything and simply write more stories. I'll write as long as I can, but not at the expense of the work at hand. I'll also tackle larger, more complex books, such as Secret Agent Disco Dancer, which I've avoided for one reason or another. (Which is a nice way of saying that I've been lazy.)

Another thing I read about is authors getting stuck writing in a particular genre. I'm a free spirit, and I understand exactly how this feels. I love the challenge of producing something new and following my instincts. The thought of rehashing something or continuing to write a series that I'm no longer fond of doesn't appeal to me, but even that's secondary.

What writers seem to forget is that they're getting the opportunity to write what they want and make a decent living off of it. Some of us will even become rich off of our endeavors. That's not such a bad deal.

But forget about the money or what you'd rather be writing instead. Just write. Write as much as you can whenever you can. Let your universe explode!

While it might sound like I'm advocating scattering one's focus, I'm not. I'm just of the mind that if other writing projects are important, you'll find a way to fit them in. You'll wake up an hour earlier, etc., just for the chance to live in that world.

And why not? If you have an idea, go for it. Don't put limitations on yourself that you can only write certain types of books, etc., because there's no money in certain genres. Your desire to write other things may be an indication that you need a break, and will give you the opportunity to test out new waters.

Just yesterday I finished up Bubblegum Princess. "But the picture book has been available since 2012," you say. Yeah, but I wasn't satisfied with it. It didn't represent my best effort or fulfill reader expectations. So I vowed to write a little each month, a chapter here and there, until it was done. Although the project dragged on, I never forgot about it, and forced myself to sit down and extend the lines a little further. I'm proud of what I accomplished, even if there's no financial reward.

I kept my promise, that's the important thing. I gave the reader something closer to what I had in mind. And it feels good. So very, very good.

Now I'm presented with a challenge: Do I work on Story A or Story B? Why do I do this to myself? Isn't the intention to write all of them? Just dive in and take them all on. Be fearless! Challenge yourself, don't limit yourself! If all of us acted on our instincts rather than getting lost in the benefits of writing one book versus the other, we'd produce a lot more content, and thus, make more money.

That's what I'm trying to do right here--to break out of this narrow mindset. If I can even accomplish one tenth of what I set out to do, I'll do far more than I would otherwise.

Sure, a successful series brings with it obligations, but that doesn't mean that we can no longer be creative or try out new things. We just need to mix them in: a sequel here, a brand new picture book there. And by all means, none of us should ever feel stuck. Enjoy all of the writing, even if there are other things that you'd rather be writing at a particular moment. Give it a chance, and you'll be surprised at the results.

So at 227 published works, what am I doing? Starting over. And moving on to #228.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch

Back in 2012, I wrote a picture book titled Bubblegum Princess that was short, sweet and full of colorful pictures. It wasn't a chapter book to the disappointment of many who had downloaded it, and in hindsight, it probably should have been. To correct this, I've been writing a children's novel to accompany the picture book titled Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch. The coolest part about this is if you already own the book, you can read the new chapters for free. Just delete it from your Kindle and download it again (look in the Coming Soon section in the back of the book). It's also reasonably priced (99 cents) and can be borrowed from the Kindle Unlimited Lender's Library.

Twenty chapters have been added thus far, with more on the way. It's a little over 14,000 words or  57 pages at 250 words/page. Currently, I have no idea how many chapters it will take to wrap the story up. It wouldn't surprise me if it stretches past 50. Enjoy the story for now, and I'll put up more chapters as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch is now done! The last few chapters have been added, now 22 in all and nearly 16,000 total words. Right now I'm in the process of going back and smoothing everything over. I expect to wrap it up in the next few days.

Here's the full chapter list in case you are interested:

Chapter 1: Tingle
Chapter 2: Peculiar
Chapter 3: No Problem At All
Chapter 4: Skyward
Chapter 5: Marnie
Chapter 6: Gatekeeper
Chapter 7: Teaser
Chapter 8: Incomplete
Chapter 9: Amiss
Chapter 10: Awakening
Chapter 11: Found
Chapter 12: Alexandra
Chapter 13: Flash
Chapter 14: Hedgehopper
Chapter 15: Schooled
Chapter 16: Tears
Chapter 17: Retribution
Chapter 18: Truth in Numbers
Chapter 19: Vermin
Chapter 20: Replenish
Chapter 21: Memento
Chapter 22: Blue

As well as the first chapter:

Bubblegum Princess
Pinkberry Patch

By Scott Gordon

Chapter 1: Tingle

Melissa Alexander knew something was amiss the moment she slipped a piece of bubblegum in her mouth. Although the package said Pinkberry Patch, BubblePop Girls' brand new flavor, it had a minty aftertaste that sent tingles down her spine. As she rubbed her arms to keep from freezing, her pearl skin began to glow.

"What's happening to me?" She noticed her unblemished skin. Years ago, when she was just a wee thing, she cut her hand on a glass, leaving behind a one inch scar that she would carry for the rest of her days. But as she passed her fingers over it, the eternal mark rubbed off—as if all she needed was a fine polishing. "No way." She gawked at her perfect skin.

"Miss Alexander, are you chewing gum in class?" said Beatris Blunt, a middle-aged woman with thick, brown hair pulled back in a bun.

"Uh...no, ma'am," she replied.

The entire class turned and looked at her. A pair of girls snickered in the far corner.

"Really? Then what's that in your mouth?" The teacher tapped her foot.

"Oh, that. I was just chewing my nails." Melissa tried her best to hide the gum.

"Those must be some really big nails.”

"Yes, ma'am." Although mommy and daddy frowned whenever she talked with food in her mouth—even gum—Melissa could carry on entire conversations without exposing the contents of her mouth.

"You really have a thing for fingernails, don’t you? Is this part of some bizarre health craze?" The old maid raised an eyebrow, evoking a fresh round of giggles.

"No, I just chew them whenever I get nervous.”

"And what on earth is there to be nervous about?" Beatris stepped closer and crossed her arms.

Melissa shrugged, but no words came out.

"Great heavens, child. What have you done to your hair?" said Ms. Blunt.

"What's wrong with my hair?" Melissa grabbed a handful and gasped. No longer was it golden brown like her mother's; instead, it was strawberry pink, the very shade of bubblegum that she was trying to hide. As she caught her breath, she accidentally gulped down the minty morsel. "I’m not feeling so well…perhaps I should see the nurse.”

"Yes...perhaps you should..." The teacher eyed her suspiciously.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lullaby by S.E. Gordon - Chapter One


By S.E. Gordon


My earliest memories are of water. Cold, frigid water stabbing at my throat like knives, and weighing me down on the swimming pool floor below.

I died that day. Briefly. A few moments, nothing more.

In those anguished moments, as my mother worked my chest, pumping out the essence that had snatched life from me, I saw him. His golden hair was long and flowing. Like mine, in fact, but a shade brighter. His skin was glowing, smooth and firm to the touch. As my fingers grazed him, he turned and looked at me.

Seaborn eyes gazed through me. There was not a hint malice, only curiosity. The angel in the apartment swimming pool—how did he get here? I hadn’t noticed him till my life flickered, eyes drawing to a close.

He did not offer a hand. No, he had something more to offer.

Instead, he offered his lips to my virgin mouth. A final breath, a breath of life, kept me in the realm of the living a while longer.

He drew back, eyeing me with that same puzzled look. I must have opened my eyes then, fully taking notice of him. As I looked into his, I wondered if I was in the pool at all.

My saving grace was but a kiss. My very first kiss!

Water erupted from my mouth like a geyser. I coughed the swimming pool back out of my lungs. The afterworld could not have me, not just yet. The stranger had made sure of it. Another cough, more choking, and then some crying. So much crying, but it didn’t come from me. “Oh, thank heavens!” Momma weeped, thanking her mysterious savior that she prayed to over and over, and wondering what she’d ever do without her only daughter, the one precious thing she had in her life.

I lay there on the concrete lip of the pool, gazing at the sun overhead. There were no clouds, nothing to prevent my ascension to the above. “It’s ok. I’m still here.” I touched her arm. “Everything’s going to be all right, momma. Everything...” Consciousness slowly drifted from me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scott Gordon and Friends Kidtastic Giveaway: April 5th - 9th

Scott Gordon & Friends
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April 5th - 9th, 2015

This raffle is for children 12 or younger and expecting mothers. (Parents entering for their children is also fine.) By submitting your name, you are confirming that you are eligible to the receive a prize if your name is drawn. International children are welcome to participate provided they have a reliable address that can receive packages. Not responsible for items lost in the mail.

And most importantly--NO CHEATING!

Please do not enter more than once or your entry will be invalidated.

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Additional Prizes

Win one of Louise Lintvelt's fabulous children's books:

* Goodnight, Sleep Tight: What a Wonderful Flight
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Entries will be accepted from April 5-9. The drawing will take place on April 10th, and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Terms may be amended at any time.


This raffle is being hosted by Rafflecopter. Please use the form below to enter. Although the form asks you to comment on the blog, it is completely optional and doesn't prohibit you from entering. Just click on "I commented" to be entered into the raffle.

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Free Children's Books

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Enjoy and Happy Easter!

—Scott Gordon

by Scott Gordon

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Introduce your children to a great message about accepting people for who they are. Great for bedtime!

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The Pig Princess is the story of a princess searching for that perfect dress to wear to the ball. She becomes upset when she cannot seem to find a dress that suits her. Will she ever find her perfect fit? This book is intended for children aged 8 and under.

Also check out Caterpillar Shoes (new!), Lil Glimmer, The Nutt Family: An Acorny Adventure, The Bee Bully, Eager Eaglets: Birds of Play, Cactus Charlie, Suzy Snowflake, The Christmas Owl, The Cat Who Lost His Meow & Ten Thankful Turkeys by Angela Muse.

What happens when you don't brush your teeth? This is a story about monster Ruzz who doesn't want to brush his teeth ever. But when his teeth starts aching he's not so happy anymore... Follow along when monster Ruzz has to go to the dentist.

This rhyming children's picture book is written in a humorous style with colorful, entertaining images. It's fun, quick and easy to read. Suitable for children 3-8 years old.

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Learn the farm animals and their sounds with the Three Wee Peas. Follow the peas through their day, say the sounds and give them a hey!

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Mister Gibbles is a funny little guy. Maybe he’ll eat a piece of Mary’s cake? Oh no! Stop! Guinea pigs don’t eat cake. What do they eat?

Mister Gibbles will certainly let us know if we can get him to come out and play.This is a fun poem for the little ones and wait...if Mister Gibbles won’t eat that piece of cake, can I have it?

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Oakley is a Dalmatian who doesn’t have any spots. Convinced by his friend Rover that he has lost them, he sets off to find his spots, only to find out that Dalmatians aren’t born with spots and that they all develop at different times.

A vividly illustrated picture book, this story is perfect for showing children how everyone develops at different rates.

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A fun, rhythmical, picture book - your children will enjoy this imaginative journey.

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Poor Andrew is feeling very blue, all the other giraffes are very spotty but he is as white as can be. He does not have any spots, you see!

He keeps seeing spots wherever he goes...

One spot, two spots, three spots...Four!

And many, many, many more.

"Where did you get your spots?" he asks. Join Andrew as he discovers how the ladybug, the leopard and the owl came to have spots and discovers that spots often appear when you are least expecting them! This is a wonderful rhyming picture book for children of all ages.

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Tourists hop into a bus, and set off for some fun.

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Check out the flashcards that all of the animals are talking about! 36 colorful illustrations in all.

Intended for children 2-6. Approximately 40 pages. Descriptions of my other popular children's books are included after the main feature (an additional 5 pages).

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The Snarls. They live on pillows and in the wind, just waiting to move into long, fine, or curly hair. And when they move in, they make nests, and more snarls, and more nests. But they also have their natural enemies: a comb, a brush, and the dreaded Detangler spray.

This charming story makes hair combing of difficult hair not only enjoyable but a silly experience.

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This book has an addition of Text Pop-Up, a special feature that allows you to view the text in a bigger size by double-clicking on the text.

They Come Every Night

Sam and his family have a job to do: fight creepers. At night, waves of creepers emerge from the forest and attack his village. The hissing gets louder each night because there are more and more creepers.

He's Got a Problem

Secretly, Sam is obsessed with creepers and wants to know everything about them. He's not even sure they're bad!

Something Weird Is Happening

The problems start when one night he hears a creeper talking to him. In English. Is he going crazy or are they trying to say something?

He Needs to HELP a Creeper

Sam has an idea that can stop the creepers forever, but he's going to need some help: from a creeper. The creeper needs help from Sam: the creeper has a curse. To remove the curse, Sam must travel farther from home than he's ever gone before, and will see things in Minecraft he never knew existed.

On the day of his triumph young scholar Ming Li is kidnapped and forced to take sides in a feud among two supernatural beings. Will his ingenuity allow him to break the curse of the Dragon King?

NOTE: This fairy-tale contains full-color illustrations, while they look good in greyscale, they are better appreciated on the Kindle Fire tablets or on the Kindle apps for devices with color screens.

Bheki and the Magic Light
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A bullied herd boy becomes a hero.

'The big day has arrived and Bheki’s house is flooded with electric light for the first time. He remembers the time, many years before, when his father gave him a light that really did seem to be magic. The torch brought him many friends and a new status in the kraal, until its beam began to fade. Bheki’s journey to bring power back to the magic light tested him to the limit but ended in magic of a different kind. It gave him a belief in himself.'

At the end of the story, Bheki explains how batteries work and how electricity is generated and brought into homes across the world.

If you watched Nelson Mandela's funeral service at Qunu you will recognise the similar rural setting in the story. (Nelson Mandela was also a herd boy.)

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Where Do Ghosts Go When They're Not Spooking and Scaring?
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How My Farts Made Me Famous!
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Max Hinky's favorite dinner is his dad's Spaghetti Explodarama. But on the day after he'd had six helpings, Max had a case of gas that wouldn't quit. Now the whole of Cloverfield school thinks he's gassing everyone out on purpose. Probably even Amy (the only non-weird girl at school). On top of that—the bully brothers, Kryton, Kelvin and Kenny—are hot on Max's stink trail. Yet by the end of this day, Max's stinkazoids are going to rocket him to fame!

A humorous book for reluctant readers. Approximately 8000 words.

Game on Boys is a hilarious adventure story for boys and girls that will get you laughing hysterically until your guts explode. Just make sure your Mom doesn't have to clean it up and keep the dog away.

It follows the adventures of 10 year old cool gamer Ryan and his cool school, cool teacher and very uncool sister 'Loom Band Lisa' who does everything in her pink power to ruin his fun.

It's all about boys that love computer games, pea shoot in class, catch flies in their mouth and make fart sounds under their arms.

When their teacher with the unfortunate name (Mr Higginbottom) introduces a Play Station competition at school, everyone in the fifth grade goes into a crazy frenzy as they battle their way to win the prize. With Ryan's cool gaming record he's a sure fire thing to win until something disastrously ugly happens to cause his plans of victory to come tumbling to the ground faster than super sonic radar doing a bungee jump with a triple somersault back flip on the way. SPLAT !!%**$

Will it all end badly, and will Ryan's reputation change from being the coolest gamer to the biggest loser wearing splatted egg on his face or can super dooper good things come out of really horrid bad things?

With heaps of school yard humor and funny illustrations, this book is sure to get you away from your consoles for awhile.

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The Search for the Sheriff's Star: A Lost Bookshop Adventure
by Adam Maxwell

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When Nina, Ivy and Oswald step into the hidden room in the Lost Bookshop they find themselves transported to a saloon in the Wild West and looking down the barrel of the rotten Rude Robbie’s gun. They quickly find themselves caught up in a plot that threatens to demolish an entire town. The children know they must help and, with the aid of a little Indian girl named Wachiwi, they set off to save the town in The Search For The Sheriff’s Star.

Will they find the fabled treasure in time to save the town and if they do will they ever find a way back to the Lost Bookshop? Read on and join the fun in this children’s cowboy (and cowgirl!) adventure!!

Is this your first visit to the Lost Bookshop? I’m not sure I recognise your face. Or perhaps I do. I’ve been in these pages so long sometimes faces get a bit blurred. Well, if it is, welcome back and if it isn’t don’t worry, you don’t need to have read any of the other books to enjoy the story. The Lost Bookshop adventures all stand on their own so the only thing you need to know is that there’s magic in the pages and on the shelves hereabouts. What kind of magic? Well, you’ll have to wait and see...

Baby Blue
by Scott Gordon

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Simple, delightful and utterly cute, this picture book celebrates the tender years of childhood. Feel the love resonate from the pages!

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by Scott Gordon

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Spring is just around the corner and it's time to see what the Easter Bunny is up to. This year he's enlisted some help, and it's an odd choice at that. What is that clever rabbit up to and what is he really planning?

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Foreign Language Editions

El lejano planeta de Infinim, que promete una existencia celestial y eterna para su sociedad de robots, está aceptando postulaciones. Aunque uno de los postulantes es más viejo y no tan rápido como solía ser, ¡tiene lo necesario para ser aceptado? Adivina quién es antes de que termine la historia en este ingenioso libro para niños.

Cuori Sani e Felici
by Scott Gordon

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Leggere Cuori Sani e Felici e' il modo giusto per iniziare una conversazione col tuo bambino sul cibo e su come fare le scelte piu' sane per lui.Tante belle illustrazioni e messaggi positivi accompagnano questo divertente piccolo libricino.

Per bambini dai 2 anni in su. Piu' di 50 pagine in tutto!

This edition includes English and Italian subtitles side-by-side.

Great Books for 99 cents!

A long-lost emerald, a missing treasure map, and a wealthy villain combine for an action-packed adventure!

Thirteen-year-old Noah Winter, the son of sea-exploring treasure hunters, dives the San Isabel shipwreck with his parents in search of a mysterious treasure map lost in the murky depths off the Florida Keys over a century ago. The map reveals the hiding place of the priceless De La Rosa emerald. But before the Winters can find the map, a wealthy treasure-hunting rival kidnaps Noah’s parents. Now Noah must match wits with a dangerous adversary, not only to discover the treasure map first, but to rescue his mom and dad before it’s too late.

Cooper's Smile
by Jerri Kay Lincoln

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This book tells the story of a small child struggling through the daily challenges of childhood while being happily comforted by Cooper the dog. It is an illustrated, feel-good rhyming story that will captivate adults as well as children.

My Crazy Pet Frog
by Scott Gordon

Just 99 cents 4/5/15 - 4/9/15!

MY CRAZY PET FROG doesn't know what he is! Perhaps he's a secret agent or a world champion golfer. Who knows? One day to the next, he runs in circles, trying to be everything for everyone. It's not until he comes across one of his loved ones that he realizes the most important thing of all...

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Could It Be...?

Could It Be...Another Big Gift???

Coming April 5, 2015

I wonder what they'll think of next...

Brought to you by:

Scott Gordon
Sarah Holmlund
Angela Muse
Laura Yirak
Louise Lintvelt
D.C. Swain
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