Saturday, March 31, 2012

Going Indie: The First 100 Days - Prologue: 100 Days

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100 days. That’s all the time I’ve got to prove to myself, both financially and creatively, that I can do this. Not just scrape by, but really hit it big. That I can succeed at what I love most in just 100 days.

There’s little time to waste; I must produce in order to survive. All I need to do is execute, and stick to my game plan. If I produce quality content on a daily basis, and resist the urge to publish it before I'm ready, I’ll succeed. Big time.

100 days, 100 opportunities to stake my claim.

I can do this, now more than ever.

Follow my journey as I go indie as a full time writer for the next 100 days.


  1. Scott, What advice would you give as far as choosing and briefing illustrators for children's books? Im thinking of doing a series and can see that you have been successful in this genre, so who better to ask :)



  2. Hi Scott,
    I came to your blog to ask the same question Rosemary has already asked above:-)

    Best regards, and congratulations on your success.


  3. Ugh! How did I miss this?

    The best advice I can give regarding illustration is to do as much as you can yourself. There are some good illustrators out there, but since the average children's book needs at least 20 pieces of artwork, this can get very expensive very fast. If you have a friend that's an artist that can help. Stock art can be a two edged sword since everyone else has access to the same resources that you do. Experiment and you will find your way.

  4. @Rachel - I'm new at this myself. Just started back in November. The best is yet to come...