Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Entry for The Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash-Fiction Anthology

This is killing me.

I have in my little hot hand a completed work I'd like to share, a crude little piece of flash fiction featuring the one and only Übermom, and I can't publish it. I donated it to charity as part of the Pink Snowbunnies in Hell Flash-Fiction Anthology. This doesn't mean that I don't still hold the copyright--I haven't totally lost my mind! But I can't spend the First Use Rights here; I need to wait a bit longer before I include it on my website or in the full-length Übermom novel (whenever that will be). It's possible it will not even make it into the anthology (but I doubt that since it's for charity).
So what should I do? Obviously I can't publish the complete work here...but I can give you a teaser. Without further ado, here is a snippet from:

A Hare-brained Holiday

By S.E. Gordon

The moment Delilah tore through the golden wrapping paper, Nichole Chase knew she was in for a wild night.

"Thank you, daddy!" The blond munchkin hugged his leg.

"Look, it even has skis." George pointed to the box.

"Are those horns poking out of its head?" Nichole raised an eyebrow.

George fumbled with his glasses. "Heh, I didn't even notice," he chuckled.

Nichole knew her husband well. A child at heart, at times it was difficult to tell the two apart. On weekends, and especially holidays, her husband would take Delilah to the store, and spend hours playing with every toy until the manager kicked them out. She could not believe George overlooked this disturbing detail; certainly he'd memorized its vulgar lines by now.

"What can I say? I'm horny, baby," the bunny giggled.

Nichole wanted nothing more than to feed the foul-mouthed fur ball to the fire, and then roast a pair of forty-year-old nuts. "Cute. What else does it say?"

Delilah smirked and squeezed its paw.

"I'm so hot, even the polar icecaps can't cool me off," it murmured.

"Isn't it a riot?" George cackled.

"George, you're killing me." Nichole brushed her auburn hair aside, and rubbed her temples.

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