Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going Indie - Day 14: Enura

Coming Soon!
I need a hit. A big one, actually. Do I have any blockbusters in my arsenal? Perhaps. While writing children's books has been fun, I know there is something that I must do. I must finish Enura.

It's hard to believe, but almost two years have gone by since I started writing my vampire thriller. I was working on my 79th chapter when I stopped (each chapter is about 500 words). If I had stuck to my game plan, I would have finished by now. I really have no excuses.

Fortunately, I edited extensively as I went along (Enura was written serially), so it's a very good draft. In some areas, I wouldn't change a thing. It just needs an ending, the ending I have in my head.

I must get it out. Now. No more excuses or delays. The time has come.

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