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Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch

Back in 2012, I wrote a picture book titled Bubblegum Princess that was short, sweet and full of colorful pictures. It wasn't a chapter book to the disappointment of many who had downloaded it, and in hindsight, it probably should have been. To correct this, I've been writing a children's novel to accompany the picture book titled Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch. The coolest part about this is if you already own the book, you can read the new chapters for free. Just delete it from your Kindle and download it again (look in the Coming Soon section in the back of the book). It's also reasonably priced (99 cents) and can be borrowed from the Kindle Unlimited Lender's Library.

Twenty chapters have been added thus far, with more on the way. It's a little over 14,000 words or  57 pages at 250 words/page. Currently, I have no idea how many chapters it will take to wrap the story up. It wouldn't surprise me if it stretches past 50. Enjoy the story for now, and I'll put up more chapters as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Bubblegum Princess: Pinkberry Patch is now done! The last few chapters have been added, now 22 in all and nearly 16,000 total words. Right now I'm in the process of going back and smoothing everything over. I expect to wrap it up in the next few days.

Here's the full chapter list in case you are interested:

Chapter 1: Tingle
Chapter 2: Peculiar
Chapter 3: No Problem At All
Chapter 4: Skyward
Chapter 5: Marnie
Chapter 6: Gatekeeper
Chapter 7: Teaser
Chapter 8: Incomplete
Chapter 9: Amiss
Chapter 10: Awakening
Chapter 11: Found
Chapter 12: Alexandra
Chapter 13: Flash
Chapter 14: Hedgehopper
Chapter 15: Schooled
Chapter 16: Tears
Chapter 17: Retribution
Chapter 18: Truth in Numbers
Chapter 19: Vermin
Chapter 20: Replenish
Chapter 21: Memento
Chapter 22: Blue

As well as the first chapter:

Bubblegum Princess
Pinkberry Patch

By Scott Gordon

Chapter 1: Tingle

Melissa Alexander knew something was amiss the moment she slipped a piece of bubblegum in her mouth. Although the package said Pinkberry Patch, BubblePop Girls' brand new flavor, it had a minty aftertaste that sent tingles down her spine. As she rubbed her arms to keep from freezing, her pearl skin began to glow.

"What's happening to me?" She noticed her unblemished skin. Years ago, when she was just a wee thing, she cut her hand on a glass, leaving behind a one inch scar that she would carry for the rest of her days. But as she passed her fingers over it, the eternal mark rubbed off—as if all she needed was a fine polishing. "No way." She gawked at her perfect skin.

"Miss Alexander, are you chewing gum in class?" said Beatris Blunt, a middle-aged woman with thick, brown hair pulled back in a bun.

", ma'am," she replied.

The entire class turned and looked at her. A pair of girls snickered in the far corner.

"Really? Then what's that in your mouth?" The teacher tapped her foot.

"Oh, that. I was just chewing my nails." Melissa tried her best to hide the gum.

"Those must be some really big nails.”

"Yes, ma'am." Although mommy and daddy frowned whenever she talked with food in her mouth—even gum—Melissa could carry on entire conversations without exposing the contents of her mouth.

"You really have a thing for fingernails, don’t you? Is this part of some bizarre health craze?" The old maid raised an eyebrow, evoking a fresh round of giggles.

"No, I just chew them whenever I get nervous.”

"And what on earth is there to be nervous about?" Beatris stepped closer and crossed her arms.

Melissa shrugged, but no words came out.

"Great heavens, child. What have you done to your hair?" said Ms. Blunt.

"What's wrong with my hair?" Melissa grabbed a handful and gasped. No longer was it golden brown like her mother's; instead, it was strawberry pink, the very shade of bubblegum that she was trying to hide. As she caught her breath, she accidentally gulped down the minty morsel. "I’m not feeling so well…perhaps I should see the nurse.”

"Yes...perhaps you should..." The teacher eyed her suspiciously.

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