Friday, April 15, 2011

These Last Words

As tonight
Draws to a close
I cannot
Must not
Give it up

I push
A little further
To make the day
All I’d hoped for

May the night
Never end
So I can make
Of this final chance

These last moments
Fading fast
Still so much
To learn
And love

Can I steal
A few back
So today
Can be
I dreamed
It would be

I did not
Do enough
Write enough
Cannot stop
Until all is claimed

Will come
I’ll seize my share
Another shot
At success

But still
There is much left
In this tiny morsel
Must make the most of it
Push harder
Can’t let
This magic moment
Slip away
Only then
Will today be
A true success

I weave my magic
A little longer
Every last ounce of passion
Scorching the page
These last words
A bed of fire
To lay me
Down to rest

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