Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Sacrifice - Writing: A Timeless Celebration

Do you know how it feels
When your spirit soars?
You do?
Then you’ve probably written before

This isn’t some crackpot theory
Or unscrupulous form of chicanery
You can go anywhere
Do anything
Know what it’s like
To be alive
A vibrant dreamscape awaits
This private universe inside

Join me now
Let yourself go
You are always welcome
Always cherished
And your words mean something here

Why would you
Even for a second
Think of going away
Leaving the fruits of your labor
To die on the vine
This kingdom
Built of dreams
Unlike any other
Falling back into the void
From whence it came

Do not cower from destiny
There are no mistakes here
As other creatures have
In this vivid, wondrous land

If you’re worried
About being yourself
Swallow your fear
For you are your words
And your words are you

The world wants to know you
Not some rehashed tale
Or soulless tripe
Churned out
By the ivory towers
And paper mills
Of the northeast

Your readers love you
Because you are you
Someone they can relate to
You are their hope
For better things to come
That the human soul exists

Let your voice
Be heard

This is your world
Share it with others
In turn
They will gladly share theirs
Go forth
But be quick about it
Come back soon
So that we can hear about
All you’ve discovered
And revel
In this timeless celebration
Of the human spirit
Known as writing

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