Monday, July 30, 2012

The Adorable Dogs Collection Volume 1: Beagles, Bulldogs, Pugs and Labradors is Now Available!

Buy it now for your Amazon Kindle!
Four great puppy books for one low price. Over 140 pages. A $3.96 value!

What's included:

Adorable Dogs: Beagles!

Your new dog is one demanding little puppy! Find out what makes him tick in this humorous little book about beagles. Give your child a four-legged surprise without all the mess. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Adorable Dogs: Bulldogs!

How can you not love that face? Meet Marvin's family, a bunch of droopy-faced bulldogs that are constantly scolded by their overbearing mother (I swear she has a little pitbull in her!). Can they get past their differences, or will they wind up nagging each other to death?

Adorable Dogs: Pugs!

So you think it's funny dressing up your new Pug in a bunch of ridiculous outfits? He doesn't think so. And he's certainly not shy about giving you a piece of his mind.

Adorable Dogs: Labradors!

An unwanted puppy finds himself at the local dog pound, baffled by his new surroundings. Visitor after visitor strolls by, but no matter what he does, he's unable to win their affections. Will he be stuck there forever? Or will someone come to his rescue?

A comprehensive list of labrador rescue organizations in the U.S. is also included.

Bonus Content!

A special interview with Children's Book Author Scott Gordon is included after the main feature.

Note: No animals were harmed, teased or publicly humiliated in the production of this book. ;D

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