Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alphabet All-Stars Academy: Year One is Now Available on Amazon!

Now Available for Your Amazon Kindle!
Simply massive! Over 350 pages of alphabet goodness. A $17.67 value!

Year One contains these nine books:

1. Alphabet All-Stars

The original alphabet book that started it all! Full of fun pictures and interesting facts, Alphabet All-Stars is a great way to learn the ABC's. This book is 32 pages in length, and a great addition to your children's book library.

2. Alphabet All-Stars: Flashcards

This volume features a set of colorful flashcards with fruits and vegetables. It is 32 pages in length, and like the other books in the series, the illustrations are simple, vibrant and professional.

3. Alphabet All-Stars: Funny Flashcards

Uncle Ozzie is filling in, and he's brought with him a funny-looking set of flashcards. This volume features ugly fairies, crazy leprechauns, hardhat hippos, and more!

4. Alphabet All-Stars: Trivia Time

Bright and colorful pictures abound in this fun volume of Alphabet All-Stars, where you guess the object associated with the letter of the alphabet. Over 60 pages in awesome alphabet goodness!

5. Alphabet All-Stars: Clever Cards (includes American Sign Language!)

Obi the Owl is back with another fun set of flashcards! Each card contains 2 items that your child can guess, and in addition, the American Sign Language equivalent for that letter. This book is 62 pages in length, and like the other books in the series, the illustrations are clean, simple and vibrant.

6. Alphabet All-Stars: Animal Edition

Obi the Owl delivers yet another memorable learning experience! This volume features a colorful array of birds, animals and sea creatures, and is approximately 35 pages in length.

7. Alphabet All-Stars: More Animals

It's the ultimate animal alphabet book! This edition is over 60 pages in length, and utilizes a mixture of artwork and photography to convey what the animals look like in real life. A fantastic reading experience for children ages 3-6!

8. Alphabet All-Stars: Silly Animals

It's a silly alphabet book with even sillier writing by the silliest author of all! This edition is approximately 40 pages in length, and is best viewed in color. A fun way to practice the alphabet for children ages 3-6!

9. Alphabet All-Stars: Theme Park

A departure from my traditional alphabet books, Alphabet All-Stars: Theme Park is the story of one child's adventure at a local amusement park. What will they find when they step through the gates of Fantasy Funland? Find out!

*Descriptions of my other popular children's books are included after the main feature (an additional 9 pages).

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