Saturday, September 15, 2012

Four Fantastic Bedtime Stories for Children 3-6, Volume 3 is Now Available!

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Four fantastic children's books, all rolled into one. Perfect for bedtime! Approximately 150 pages. A $9.22 value!


My Daddy's Cool Car Collection

Featuring an assortment of colorful cars, My Daddy's Cool Car Collection is a fantastic story to read your son before tucking him into bed. Includes over 30 pages of dazzling cars and trucks that's tied together with a heartwarming message.

The Penguin Way

Look deep inside. You have what it takes. It's within you, as long as you believe in yourself and don't give up. That is the penguin way. Leave your doubts at the door. You shall succeed!

If I Were A Robot

Have you ever dreamed of being a robot? What would you do? How would you do it? And most importantly, what would you create with your newfound powers? Find out what a young boy discovers when he visits the land of dreams, and builds his own vision of the future.

Taming Your Pet Monster: An Operational Guide

The craziest user guide you'll ever read! Written for mommies and daddies just as much as their children, Taming Your Pet Monster is filled with laugh-out-loud humor and bizarre situations. Witty, colorful and unique, this is one wacky ride you'll never forget!

Descriptions of my other popular children's books are included after the main features (an additional 8 pages).

Available exclusively on the Amazon Kindle!

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