Thursday, June 30, 2011

Without You - Chapter 2: Awake

Unwashed hordes
Amble along
Tattered rags
From weary bones
Ravenous cries
Fill my ears
Mindless scavengers
For a scrap of flesh

But not me
Never me
My mind
Is not so far gone
That I cannot reel in
These dark desires

I struggle
To string together
A few simple words
Jumbled nonsense
At times
I sound no different
Than their groans

I’ve tried communicating
With them before
Wide blood red eyes
Blackened tongues dangling
They simply do not

None are like me
Nor seek a remedy
For this plague
They stagger along
Submissive to their pangs
Hunger the only notion
Crossing their feeble brains

Like insects they scatter
Into the distance
Till they can crawl
No more
While I cower
And pray

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