Thursday, June 30, 2011

Without You - Chapter 4: Sight

So little time
For sleep or dreams
Even when I wish
They do not come

Is the world out of dreams?

I tread along
Careful to keep
My eye on the green glimmer
As it fades into the void
I struggle to keep up
You are not lost from me
My dear
And never
Are you far

The clouds above dissipate
If only an instant
And for the first time
In a long while
The stars shine through
Hope unheeded
Stares back at me
Perhaps we can extract
The poison from this land
And begin anew
But it will take more
Than The Chosen
Hiding in their towers
It will take all mankind
Pure and tainted
To get out from under
This dark cloud

I gaze ahead
But he is gone
Devoured by the night
His scent is fresh
Not entirely lost on me
I follow my nose
Across the plains
Braving the thorny brush
Tangles opening new wounds
But I feel so little
It matters even less
I try to catch up
Still I cannot catch your glow
Not even the slightest glint
That final spark
Fading from me
Your scent
Snared by the wind

In its place
A red eye probes me
The crimson eye of death
Seeking to impose its mark
On all it touches
It trails past
Then veers back
Its tiny sight
Races up my leg
And locks on
My chest explodes
And I fall
Toppled by its wrath
Less by its sting

A shadow looms over me
Tracing red death
Over my brow
I manage
He is taken aback
Nearly drops his gun
He says
Oh no
I choke
Not another

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