Thursday, June 30, 2011

Without You - Chapter 3: Firefly

Night falls
And thoughts of you
Race through my head
Your icy breath
Licks my skin
You are close now
Even in this impaired state
The smell of your cologne
Draws me out
From shadows
Deep within

The days following The Decree
The land scorched over
Evenings frosted
To such extremes
Nothing could live
In between
Except the undead
And Redeemed

Though I know
It is not possible
No way
You could have survived
I am certain
You are with me
Your memory
Cannot be washed away
So easily

Before I ask
For a sign
I see you
Before me
A firefly
The deepest shades of night

I take you
Into my trembling hand
Gazing through
Your emerald shine
The stain of the holocaust
Or beauty untainted
No longer meant
For this primitive shell

You spring from my hand
Painting the sky
In glowing strands
For a moment
I catch my name
Could it really be?
For I am she

It etches the word
Across my heart
And then scurries off

A few short breaths
Is all I need
To follow you
Wherever it may lead

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