Thursday, June 30, 2011

Without You - Chapter 5: Muddle

He tells me
He loves me
That I look
Just as I did
Before the flash
That took the skin
From his hands and face
Dare I tell him
He looks worse off
Than me?

He offers a mug of dirty water
And scraps of moldy bread
But I do not touch them
Nor anything
In this disheveled lair
Carved into the hill

He asks how I am
What I’ve done
Who I’ve been with
I am not your dog
You creep
But the words come out wrong
The only word
His pea brain discerns
Is the one
That has eluded me
For so many nights

You wanna sleep with me?
He grins
I was hoping
You would say that
He unbuckles his belt

Leave me alone
I back away
His blood boils
Ekes from every pour
Sparking him in ways

You cannot afford
To get me on you
Though I doubt
It will mar
That ugly face of yours
I am unsure
What he heard
Perhaps something
About a whore?

He strips off his pants
With glee
Chases me around the room
Speed is not to my advantage
In spite of our shortcomings
Zombies do one thing well
And one thing only
Even if they break every tooth
In that thick cranium of theirs

They feed

As he inserts his deformed member in me
I take a chunk of his neck
And spit it back in his face
He clutches his throat
Staggers back
As I take another from him
Rich though salty
I could not stop there
Nor did I bother
Not until I tore his head
Clean from his shoulders

I could allow myself
To indulge any further
The only soul I had known
Since The Departure
My only hope
However perverse
Just a pile of meat before me

He must be buried
With haste
Lest attract the scourge
Of the mites
Tidy tools
To sterilize this hovel
All forgotten
Once I stumbled upon
That part of me
But now found

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