Friday, July 1, 2011

Without You - Chapter 6: Keepsake

I hold the world
In the palm
Of my hand
Everything I hoped for
Everything I dreamed of
In this tiny piece of heaven

I shake the globe
Ivory flakes
Spin round and round
I thought them snow
But snow I have not seen
Since The Departure
Only the frost of night
Comes and goes
Before the morning arrives

No longer
Will I mistake it
Such ethereal rain
‘Tis no more than ash
Swirling round
Silver and blue spires
A castle crafted
With fairy tales in mind
Such stories
Long forgotten
In the shadow
Of my past

Once upon a time
I spun my own stories
A princess lived there
I cannot deny
She was I
And though creatures
Of every shape and size
Tried to push their way inside
The shield protected her
From every intruder
And dark intention
Throughout the countryside
Suitors came and left
But no one could crack
The barrier
Around my heart
Till you arrived

The walls peel back
The veil above is stripped away
Stars spin around me
Crystals in a winter storm
They are not ashes at all
But shooting stars
I gaze into the globe once more
And I remember
The part of this
That is yours

You came for me
My love
But did not try
To pierce me
Instead you offered
Your home
By the same shell
‘Twas not bigger
Smaller still
A tiny cottage
In the woods
Holding the heart
I longed for
Deny myself
I could not
Any longer

Had I grown
Out of touch
Living in a castle
Made of silk and stone
‘Twas too much empty space
Not a whit of life
In its embrace

Came out of my shell did I
Traded yours for mine
Two fireflies
A humble nest
The best of times

I close my eyes
Hold you close
Though a castle
Not a cottage
Rests in my hands
It is the closest
I’ve felt you
In quite a while

And as I nod off
I begin to believe
There are dreams
Still worth dreaming
And a life
Still worth living

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