Friday, July 1, 2011

Without You - Chapter 7: Legions

Torn from my dreams
As our spirits touch
Dumped back into
This dirty stinking lair

The corpse rises
This bleak new world
Offers few surprises
He staggers
Knees wobble
Creeps along
With a hobble
Casting a long deep shadow
Over me

He paws at the cranium
On the floor
A sinuous shadow
Scatters inside
He scoops up his crown
Placing it aright
Turns to me
Blood running down his cheeks
Tears of knowledge
Now aware
How little resides
Over there
All along
Salvation but a mirage
An empty song
He ambles forward
Surely he cannot see at all
Driven by a hunger
I know
All too well

Mites scatter over
His scalded form
Needles for legs
Racing over
His mangled core
Hiding cleverly in his folds
Hellish parasites
Of the netherworld

He reaches out
Trembling fingers
Crooked jaw
His throat swells
As he opens his mouth
And one of the beasties
Slips on out
It clings fast
To his tongue
And then shoots out
As if from a gun

Hardly quick
I shift aside
Before it can prick
Or burrow inside
This fading flesh
As I rise
I feel another
Graze my side
I peel it off
Bite off its head
The blood is toxic
Good thing I’m dead

I limp away
They fall in droves
Pouring out
From the vents above
It’s a slow retreat
An escape
That can only be described
As bittersweet
With legions gaining
My energy waning
I reach for the metal door
And slam it shut
Darkness finding me
Once more

Tortured breaths
Escape me
Where are the moon
And stars?
Indeed this portal
Did not get me far
Someone please
Awake me
As my hand stumbles
Across a switch
I flip it over
And make a wish

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