Monday, July 4, 2011

Without You - Chapter 15: Seeds

Resources are dwindling
The world population
Will exceed 10 billion
In the next 30 years
If left unchecked

Quality of life
Will crest
And then recede sharply
Billions will perish
If nothing is done

Advances in
And Artificial Intelligence
Has made the human worker
An oversized population
Is no longer attractive
Nor necessary
Placing a burden
On the finite resources
Of the collective

Many can live
Like insects
Or few
Can live like Gods
It’s time to rethink
Human society
As we know it

The book falls
From quivering hands
Dried venom
On faded pulp
Seeds of indoctrination
Justifications for genocide
Inspiration behind all
That’s unfolded
This is not Avery West’s journal
But a darker soul
One that I cannot
Bear to hear

Lights click off behind me
And another stretch
Just ahead
I hold the book
At my side
If this corridor
Will ever end

Few living like Gods
I’ve heard this before
Poisonous words
That seem all too familiar
The same rhetoric
A clandestine cult chanted
Before murdering
Their own disciples
At the turn of the century

The few shall inherit the earth
And they shall be crowned kings

I tear out the final page
Of the journal
And toss it behind me
If it weren’t so vital
I would rip out
Every last page
Shred them
With my bare hands
Burn them to ashes
And bury them
In the deepest pit

They took everything from us
And for what?
Were golf courses
Growing too crowded
A barrel of oil
Too scarce
There are ways
In which all of us
Could have benefited
We could have solved this


Though the thought
Infuriates me
I will need to comb
Every last word
In this pitiful volume
If am to hunt them down

And hunt them down
I shall

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