Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Without You - Chapter 17: Darkfall

Bombs erupt
White knuckles
To the steering wheel
Heart pounding
I pull Bailey closer
The car quivering
From the thunderous downpour

Silver bursts
Streak through the air
Strafing the fields around us
A wayward round
Slams into the car
Sending it skywards

The puppy whimpers
As we spin
I try to comfort him
Will be all right
Nothing wicked
Shall befall you
My dear

We touch down
And true to my word
I do not relinquish him
The sedan rolls
I’m undeterred
Splintering the near window
With my skull
My dearest prize
Before coming to a stop

I cough my way
Back to consciousness
Dangling from my seat
Gaping at the dark shades
Spilling from me
Wondering how deep
The wound runs

Wiping the stain
From my cheeks
I realize
My sweet innocent
Has escaped my care
His absence
Cuts deeper
Than anything
Done to me
I unbuckle my belt
Ease myself
Onto the ceiling
Gazing out
The broken window

The puppy wags its tail
Beckons me
To come and play
Sweet child
I run my fingers
Through its golden fur
A while longer
Let me lay

Resting my head
To one side
I peer into the clouds
And watch the sky
Begin to bleed

The puppy coughs
Trying to expel
The venom
From its lungs
I call
But he cannot hear
Seized by the poison’s
Dark embrace

At first
I mistake it
For the medicine
He’s consumed
But when more black tides
Pour out of me
It becomes clear
All is not well in the world

I reach for him
As he crumbles
Blood trickling out
The corners of his eyes
No my love
Don’t go
But he does not breathe
Nor move

I scoop him up
Get to my feet
Catching a glimpse
Of the metal case
Jutting out
The front of the car
Shiny marbles inside
Melt to vapor
Rising over the wreckage
And blowing towards me

Silver fire
Continues raining down
My first step
Nearly my last
As a car swerves
Off the road
Crashing into the car
Before me

I hold Bailey close
Begin to run
The walls of my consciousness
Drawing in
I must endure
The apartment’s
Just up the hill
I know
We can both make it
Hang one
Little one
Stay with me
Awhile longer

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