Sunday, July 31, 2011


In every moment
Every corner of our lives
There’s opportunity
It’s not so much a question
Of whether or not
We have what it takes
Will we recognize
And act upon it

Imagine all that could be achieved
If we gave everything
For just a few short moments
Each day
Simple goals
Such as writing 1,000 words
Would be a certainty
No longer relegated
To the theatre of our minds

Scrape together
Enough of these moments
And the extraordinary
Becomes possible
Writing 10,000 words
Is within reach
With a simple change of perspective
And a little discipline

But to take advantage of opportunity
One must be aware
Of its existence
Consider the time
You have right now
You will not have it again
It is yours
This one time only
Invest it
Take that first step
Don’t let the journey
Pass you by


  1. Very true Scott and I really need to get back into making the most of my time again. I've started to drift, becoming unable to focus because I have so much going on. Writing has became hard for me because I refuse to say No to anyone and allow my time to be taken from me. It's time to put my foot down and get my head back into the game! Thanks Scott. I needed to read this today :)

  2. Thanks, Wenona. I had no idea anyone even read my blog. Just sent you a message on Facebook. Perhaps we can formalize this process of writer encouragement.