Sunday, July 3, 2011

Without You - Chapter 10: Rise

Forty days and counting
All major broadcasts have stopped
Or not
I’m no longer sure

This will be
My final broadcast
For a while
It’s getting too dangerous
In these barren lands
Hope you hang in there
Keep fighting the good fight
Till your last breath

Despite everything we accomplished
Everything we stood for
This is our reality
I tried
And failed you
Wish I’d done more

So how did we get here?
Perhaps we should take a moment
To reflect
We might spot something
We didn’t before

It started in our fields
The heartland of America
A new breed
To current pesticides
Blamed on genetic research
Of Chinese firms
They savaged our crops
Tainted our water supply
A well-designed scheme
To broom the masses
Towards a new vaccine

Always told
What to think and feel
Why would we behave
Any differently
We had no reason to suspect
That our government would deceive us
Like so many times before

Hoping to prevent
Genetic contamination
And frightful mutation
Scores took the RHYN4
Lines wrapped around
City blocks
Mall parking lots
A noose
They no sooner
Found around their necks
They hoped to inoculate themselves
Go about their daily lives
But it had not been thoroughly tested
A general malaise
Affected those
Who welcomed the poison
To their veins
And would stay with them
The rest of their days
As we soon discovered
The vaccine was laced
With a bevy of nanoparticles
Receptors meant to track
Their hosts
Suggest behavior
Store and transmit
All said and heard
Delve into memories
And insert new ones

But there was a problem
The nanoparticles multiplied
At an alarming rate
Pooling in cerebral tracts
Causing hallucinations
Memory loss
Permanent brain damage
Sending many
Down a degenerative spiral
And eventually
A comatose state

But it did not kill them
Nor was to blame
For their newfound hunger

This was but a glimpse
Of what was to come
The nanoparticles were behaving
Too much like the humans
That created them
Clustering together
Wreaking havoc
In the company of their peers
The particles needed to be disbanded
So they perfected a process
To do this
But getting the masses
To the proper facilities
Proved a logistical nightmare
And they did not have the clout
Like weeks before

A new abomination
Of the disease
And the cure
Materialized in the sewers
Tapping directly into the spine
Calibrating the living
And unintentionally
Raising the dead
No one knew
From whence it came
No one claimed responsibility
Not even the pioneers
Of Project Rafflesia

In the end
They agreed
Regulating the masses
Wasn’t worth the trouble
So they cleaned the slate
Started over
Giving waivers to The Chosen
To carry on our legacy
Live the privileged life
While the world around them crumbled
Only the tidy matter
Of revising history

I pause the recording
Take in the warm stale air
Unsure if my ears
Can bear any more
Curiosity propels me forward
And against better judgment
I continue on

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