Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Without You - Chapter 23: Showcase

It’s a buyer’s market
Everything’s on sale
Prices slashed
It’s do or die
The deal of a lifetime

The gathering of eight
Sips champagne
Their heinous scowls
Plastered over the giant screen
Have all their skin
And each
Has at least
One synthetic body part
Chances are
The radiation
Has something to do with it
Chewing through their phony entrails
Faster than before
Still much to learn
From this human shell
And if we’re not careful
There won’t be enough of us left
To matter

They laugh among themselves
Amused at the pitiful offering
Before them
Flashing their influence
While they still can
The strong relying on the weak
To offer them comfort
Make them feel larger
Than they actually are
Before burrowing
Back into their holes
Like maggots in the earth

Technology pulled them through
A detail long forgotten
None of them pondering
What will happen
When the resources
Are expended

Without innovation
We will be back
To the stone ages
In record time
The mighty race that was
Its last hurrah
Little more than a whimper

The carnival gets underway
The wheel spinning round and round
Ignatius of Cannus
Takes two beauties
An icy maiden
Missing large patches
From her neck and back
And Rita
Short for Margarita
Named after the Mexican singer
Who died tragically in Austin
Just before The Departure

Live long enough
And it’s funny
How differently you perceive things
Many of us now wish
The same had befallen us
No longer mourning her
Admiring how easy
She got off
All her pride
Still intact

Her eyes
Slender frame
Even the way she walks
Just like former pop star
But there’s one thing missing

Her jaw

No telling
What St. Ignatius
Plans to do with her
But I doubt
It’s legal

Dr. Phil
I like to call him
No idea
What his real name is
His thick mustache
The only thing that matches
Clever of him to grow it out
Otherwise we’d have a good look
At the craters
In his upper lip
Bitten off by someone
Not keen on his advances

Still he cannot help himself
Breaking the bank
On a mega deal
For three damaged souls
Worth 60,000 credits

A mother and daughter
No more aware of their link
Than a fish and a bicycle
And a third wheel
Named Glenda
The biggest surprise of all
They strip her down
And find both a penis and vagina
I’ve heard of mutation
With increasing frequency
Seen it with my own eyes
But this is something new
And it doesn’t bear the mark
Of surgical precision

Is this
Another mandate
In hopes
Of ensuring our survival
Or is the Federation
Just playing God
To indulge
Its curiosity

They whittle down
The remaining inventory
Each time I wait
For my name to be called
But it doesn’t come

More than two-dozen
Now have happy homes
But I’m not that puppy in the window
Take me home
At your own risk

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