Monday, July 11, 2011

Without You - Chapter 19: Deterrent

Windows shatter
Eager hands ripping
Jagged panes free
Some lose fingers
But do not care
Driven by the hunger
Of a thousand years

They crawl into the bedrooms
I lock each door
It will keep them occupied
Awhile more

Fists pound
The sliding glass door
It does not crack
At least not yet
Wedging the sofa against it
I know it will not deter
The dozens
Massing before it

The phone rings
Cannot believe
Someone in this world
Remembered me
I snatch the phone from the cradle
Press it against my ear
The pounding
Growing louder

It’s me

My heart skips a beat

Don’t hang up
I’m not sure
How much longer we have
I promised myself
That if it came to this
The only person
I’d want to speak to
Would be you

I know I should be angry
How little
It matters now
His voice always
The only one to sooth me
Despite the troubles
I am so glad you called
Words cannot describe
How it makes me feel

Seems like everything’s
Falling apart these days
He chuckles
But I sense
His wound runs deep
I just wanted to tell you
That I’m sorry
So sorry
And that I love you
Always loved you
Can’t stand living
Without you

I wipe the tears
From my eyes
Me too
I whisper
But there’s no reply

Bodies pour out
The bedroom door
I retreat to the pantry
Locking myself inside
The door rattles
I know
They’ll find a way in
They always do
But I do not care
They cannot
Will not
Have me

The phone rings
I answer
But only silence greets me
This is not the end of us
I murmur
Hoping somehow
He can hear me

They rip the door
From the hinges
I grab the closest thing I can find
Hurl it their way
They recoil
Dreading the hail
Of powdered bleach
Burning their skin
And taking their appetite with it

I grab an unopened box
Douse myself
The room
In the sparkly powder
I climb into the dryer
Barely small enough to fit
Clinging to the box
Of my husband’s favorite bleach

Awash in detergent
Their enthusiasm wanes
Pawing at the metal door
Never brave enough
To look inside

The thumping stops
And they find new flesh
To feed upon

I try his number
But there’s no answer
No signal
No nothing
Wondering if he knows
Deep down inside
That I feel the same way too

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