Monday, July 4, 2011

Without You - Chapter 16: Departure

The Departure
That black stain
On my soul
That I cannot
Cut free

Into the bleeding skies
The media cheered
Boasting our shield
Had protected us

We all were
Believing the rain
Could wash
Our hands clean
And that we could proceed
Without a care
To Suzy’s soccer game
Sunday night bingo
Dreading that pesky root canal
The following day
All rendered meaningless
In a few fragile hours

Dust and debris lingered
Even after the storm
Pieces continued falling
From the crimson sky
Not fragments
From the foray
But successive
Tactical strikes
Seeds spit back into our faces

A strange cast
Consumed the land
Animals and livestock faltered
As well as anything caught
In the dark wind’s path

A chemical agent
Had been released
And though people
Locked themselves indoors
They had bought
Not hours
Before the black streams
Found their way inside

When it became obvious
Sitting meant dying
People took to the road
A mass retreat
From one cloud
To the next

Surgically spread
Along a grid
There was nowhere left to run
Boats docked
Planes landed
The black winds
Always there to greet them

80% of North America died
Within the first two hours
Another 19%
Developing curious symptoms
And that 1%
That found themselves
Immune to the virus
Watched in horror
As their fallen comrades
Came for their flesh

Europe was spared
A few days only
When virus curiously hurdled
The Bering Straight
The French thought it best
To burn the virus
So they convinced
The remnants of the United Nations
To raze Kansas
Though the results were inconclusive
The English rolled the dice
Launching their arsenal
At the dense concentrations
In New York
Only succeeding in brushing
The dark plumes towards them

Within a week
Nearly all the world’s continents
Had been extinguished
The plague jumped
From island to island
No corner of the globe
The bulk
Of the world’s population
Now departed

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